The original matrix


The Side is No Place for a Guide

In a recent tour through several educational journals and websites I came across the contrast […]


Slowing down the process

The school year is an unrelenting march to cover the prescribed content in time to […]


Moving from Challenge to Solution

Moving from the challenge to the solution is a critical element in the CBL process, […]


Some Key Elements of CBL

CBL thoughtfully incorporates qualities from many successful approaches to teaching and learning as well as […]


Free the Children . . .

Historically schools have been the place where our children spend 12, 16, 20+ years preparing. […]


Common Core Assessment – yes, and . . .

As we await the release of the “next generation” common core assessments I say we […]


CBL and the Common Core – A View from 30,000 Feet

The introduction of new academic standards presents an opportunity to reflect on what and how […]


The flipped challenge – “make school as exciting as real life”

It always amazes me how some ideas go from 0 to 100 mph so quickly […]


You Better Have a Map and Compass Before You Head Into the Woods

Words are powerful. While studying the Greek New Testament and Church history many years ago […]

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